Wednesday, June 8, 2011

West Coast Here We Come!!

We leave in the morning for our son's wedding in the Northwest!

Here he is with his sweety!

Highlights we're looking forward to, in no particular order:

-- Our younger kids are excited to fly (they've all done it, but were too young to really remember it).
-- It will be the first time our family has been together since 2007. We've added four people since then (actually only three, but it'll be four once the wedding is over!) I can't wait for everyone to meet, and be together and take pictures!
-- We'll get to see my parents and Dean's mom!! (there's nothing like chatting with them face to face!!!)
-- Holding the grandbaby!!
-- Watching my son kneel across the alter from a worthy woman in the Lord's house and make those sacred covenants that, as they keep, will bind them to each other and to God in ways that are real and sacred and beautiful. It is truly one of the best days of a parents life! I will savor every moment in the temple with them.

Emily Picture. I can't wait to hold her!


  1. Have so much fun!!!
    That is a cute baby.
    Such exciting times for you!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yay!! Their announcement in on our fridge and all week I've been so giddy for them!

  3. Have a fun wedding!
    Give Em a big hug from me.

  4. I am jealous and wish I could be there to play with everyone!! Love you lots!!

  5. I keep checking back to see if you are home yet!
    Glad you are having such a fun trip and can't wait to see wedding pictures!