Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jane Austin Got it Right!

This quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer has recently come to my attention and knocked my socks off! (Dean says he's read it to me before, but I, apparently wasn't ready for it, because I didn't remember ever hearing it).

"Romantic love is not only a part of life, but literally a dominating influence of it. It is deeply and significantly religious. There is no abundant life without it. Indeed, the highest degree of the celestial kingdom is unobtainable in the absence of it." (BYU Fireside, Nov. 3, 1963).

I had never thought of romance in that way! "Deeply and significantly religious", I love that! Have you ever thought of God as a romantic? (Coupled, of course, with having all good attributes in perfection, but I think romance truly is one of those attributes!)

The whole concept just makes me happy and is a beautiful thing!


  1. I totally know this with all my heart and I am thankful for it!!

    Awww Romantic Love - To have it is to have a happy life!

  2. That was kind of an ah-ha moment. I'd never thought of it, but it just seems so right. Thanks for making my day.