Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Families are the Best!

Growing up my mom would frequently hug me tight, sigh contentedly and say with conviction, "There's nothing better than being a mom!" I didn't realize, at the time, what a gift she was giving me. It's a mind-set that's a HUGE blessing in my life. Because I want to pass that mind-set along, Girlie-whirl and I frequently have conversations about how there's nothing better than being a mom, but don't tell Daddy 'cause he thinks being a dad is the best and he might feel bad! Tonight in her prayers she said, "I'm thankful for Mommy and Daddy. And bless them to know that both moms AND dads are the best so their kids can be with them ALL the time and love them!" I love that she knows, already, that there's nothing more important than family!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A place for everything--NOT!

Will I EVER get it together??!!! (I mean before the next life-I'm assuming that it will happen then, but I keep hoping I'll get some of it together before I die!) I have hopes and dreams and plans of getting organized, of having my house look like those magazines and friends homes that always look immaculate! And I sometimes work on putting those plans into action, but I never seem to get anywhere!!! (maybe that word "sometimes" has something to do with it!)

The desk in my kitchen is in a CONSTANT state of myriad piles! It drives me nuts! When company is coming I hastily scoop up the piles and sit them on top of the washing machine in the laundry room. Then when it's time to do laundry, it gets scooped up and put back on the desk again!!!

I determine to clean it off and actually wade through the piles, sorting, discarding, putting away everything from stray paper clips and those squishy polly pocket dresses to forgotten bills that accidentally got mixed in with the pictures my kids have drawn and that coupon that I really want to use, but probably will never be able to find when I actually have time to go to that store! It takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. The desk looks great!!!--for a day, or maybe two if I'm lucky and then, it's right back to clutter city! It's where everything that we don't know what to do with gets piled! If I knew where to put it, I would, but I don't and so there it sits, making me feel like a failure as a homemaker!

Last year, I was determined to conquer the desk!!! Even if the rest of my house was a mess, the desk was going to be pristine!!! I know this means that I have to establish a place for all of the papers and stuff that continually comes into my home by the truck load. So I took the birthday money that both my mom and mom-in-law gave to me and I spent it entirely on the desk. I got on-line and learned how to make a shelf out of a cheap door. Hubders had to help me make one cut, but I did the rest. I painted it black and installed it. Then I bought desk organizer stuff, all of it in matching black wire.

I then organized everything, put it all in the newly labeled file folders, pencil holders etc. It looked fabulous!!! The black and light blue went great together! It looked like it could have even come out of a third rate home decorating magazine!! (okay, so maybe fourth rate!) I was thrilled!

But, the reality is--I still have papers that don't fit into the labeled file folders, stray bits of life still constantly accumulate on the desk and it generally looks as pitiful as it did before, with some color coordination thrown in. SIGH!

This is the usual state of the desk. Notice the top drawer that recently broke, a lovely addition!

This is the desk in it's pristine form, a rarity of embarrassing proportions!


I had my gall bladder removed on January 9th. The surgery went well. Because they now routinely do the surgery with the small incisions, recovery is generally much quicker. I have three incisions that are about 3/4 of an inch long, one that is about 1 1/2 inches long, and a puncture wound (that's for the camera--VERY important!)

The doctor was surprised at how awful my gall bladder was. She said that people who's gall bladders are in that kind of condition don't schedule surgery a couple of weeks in advance and then just walk calmly in to the hospital on the appointed day. They go to emergency room in massive pain and the doctors perform emergency surgery. She said I must have a really high pain tolerance. But I wasn't in pain. I had the one attack on December 16th (after having none for 2 1/2 years!), decided it was time to never have to feel that again, we scheduled the surgery and I didn't ever have another attack!! What a blessing!!! I'm so glad that it's out. The doctor said we're lucky it didn't rupture.

So that's my surgery story in a nutshell. I feel great--still some twinges and stuff and it hurts if I overdo, but I started exercising again yesterday (boy are my legs stiff!!!)

Life is good!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No School!!!

Last week we started talking about what we wanted to do on the kids day off on Monday. We couldn't come to a consensus so we started making a list. It included everything from Wii sports tournament, to going to Krispy Kreme with their new report cards, to making valentines. Eat chocolate and eat even more chocolate were also on the list. We decided that on monday we'd just start picking from the list and see how many we could get through. The kids were quite excited. First we did a Wii bowling tournament. I don't remember who won, but we laughed a lot! Then we ate a bit of chocolate. Next we made bridges from toothpicks and twizzler nibs, while listening to fun music. This was my favorite activity of the day and the only one that we ended up taking pictures of (typical for me to forget to snap the photos!) We are each sitting with our creations. Of course, most of what we made were not bridges, but we had a lot of fun making them! Then we watched an episode of Planet Earth. Has anyone else been amazed at that like I have!!! That was a great present mom! There are AMAZING things on those dvd's!! Next we decided to go to a dollar store with some money that the kids had. It was kind of a bust, but we picked up McDonalds/Subway and ate and giggled in the car (oh yeah, I took some pictures of that too! I'm not as pitiful as I thought!) We then went to Krispy Kreme. We've never taken report cards there before and were surprised when, without even looking at the report cards, the employee filled up a box with a dozen donuts and handed them to us! Yum! We then hit Targets dollar spot and cheap toy aisle and found some inexpensive things that will be broken very soon but they thought were fun. Once we got home, I was beat!!! So we read some together, ate some more chocolate and colored. We ate one of their favorite dinners, waffles and sausage (VERY healthy!!) It was such a fun day together!!! Nothing outstanding, just a lot of silliness, but we were together! There's nothing better than being a mom!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Hubders

Just a quick example of why I love my life with Hubders. Yesterday, Bikey-boy and Banana-girl were arguing as they were doing jobs. Hubders walked into the kitchen and with a stern voice, said, "Come here right now!" Looking cowed, they walked up to him. He then turned on his mp3 player and played a Monty Python sketch about arguing and abuse (VERY funny sketch, by the way). In no time at all, they were both laughing. Once the file was done, he didn't say a word, just walked off and they finished up their jobs, having completely forgotten what they were fighting about!!! He's amazing!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Panda Bear!

Panda Bear is technically not our daughter, but she sure feels like one!!! She currently studying Sign Language in college-very far away (and we MISS her!) Panda Bear has an absolutely pure heart! She loves the Lord with her whole soul and does what it takes to continually grow in the gospel. She has a zest for life and a sense of fun that is contagious. She's a hard worker and will accomplish anything she sets her mind to do. Our lives are so much richer because she is a part of it!!


Girlie-whirl is our bonus baby!!! When we learned she was coming the Lord let me know very clearly that he was sending her to our family because he loves us and this was the most wonderful blessing he could give us. She has been such a joy!!!! She keeps us young (and/or makes us feel old!) She's our first girl to play with dolls, and loves anything pink, purple, princess-ish or feminine! She's the apple of her Daddy's eye and he keeps his drawer stocked with hershey's kisses just for her. She loves to run and play and to snuggle and read together. She's memorized the first three articles of faith and is working on number four. She goes to kindergarten this fall, and it makes me sad that she's growing up soooo fast!!


Banana-girl is our number five!!! She started out grumpy when she was born, but she's become one of my happiest children! She's got a quick sense of humor, excels in school and loves art. She's a kind and faithful friend. She's also my most organized, something I've almost despaired of ever being! She loves to read and has a passion for learning. She's growing in the gospel and was the first one of us (still living at home) to memorize The Family: A Proclamation (no small feat!) She's a joy to have around!


Bikey-boy was born six years after Sweetie (the next oldest). From the very beginning he has been one of the happiest people I know. He's slow to anger, a real blessing in our family. He's kind to all he meets, and loves to tease! Bikey-boy doesn't care what other people think, looks at the world from a unique perspective, and has a great imagination!. He's a faithful friend and is developing a wonderful sense of humor. He loves the Lord and is actively pressing forward on the path. He's got an infectious laugh and loves to make others happy. He's a wonderful part of our family!


Sweetie has always been as sweet as she looks! We were so excited when she was born. I wondered if we'd ever have a girl (take a look at her Dads family!) She's had her dad wrapped around her little finger from the very start and he's so happy to be there he can hardly stand it! Sweetie is steadfast and immovable in the gospel and you can see her testimony shining in her eyes. I've never met a person with more integrity than her, and she's compassionate and funny to boot! She was involved in Choir and drama in high school and had the dubious honor to have been cast as two male leads in musicals (Oliver and Jojo in Seussical)! She's currently majoring in music. Hubders and I love to get her frequent phone calls. She's keeps us actively part of her life even though she's hundreds of miles away!


Ruggles is my number two. Once you have two children, it starts to feel like a real family (as opposed to just playing house!) He and Tough-guy were each others best pals when they were little. Ruggles has had spiritual leanings since he was very young. He's tender hearted and he loves to make people laugh! He won't compromise his standards, even when it's hard; and he's learned to make changes in his life when he needs to, a very hard thing to do! I've loved watching him grow. He was involved in choir and drama in high school. He's currently serving in the Bangkok, Thailand mission and will be home in September. We can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tough-guy is my oldest. The one who made me a mom! He's always been a very fun son with a great sense of humor. He could often get out of a lecture when he'd done something wrong by making me laugh (Ruggles never thought that was fair!). I've always been able to count on Tough-guy to do the right thing, even when it was hard. He was involved in Choir and drama in high school. He served in the Mexico Torreon mission after high school. He was only home for a few short weeks when he joined the Marine Corps. His visits home are way too short and sooo much fun!!!! His girl friend I'll call Cutie-pie. She just graduated from college in photography and is a wonderful girl. He leaves for Iraq in three days. He'll spend a year there. We'll miss him but are so proud of him!


Hubders is the funniest guy I know and the love of my life! He loves the Lord, loves the scriptures and continually pays the price to understand them (a HUGE blessing in our family!), treats me like a queen and is a fabulous dad!!! He makes me laugh, believes that I can do anything, and writes the best silly romantic poems on earth!! I can't even imagine my life without him. He's the best thing that ever happened to me---bar none!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Blog begins!

I am an LDS mom with six fabulous kids (and another that we claim!). I'm married to a wonderful man and my very best friend. Life with Hubders is NEVER dull!! My children are somewhat scattered. Tough-guy is in the Marine Corps, Ruggles is serving a 2-year mission in Thailand, Sweetie and Panda Bear are far away at college, Bikey-boy, Banana-girl, and Girlie-whirl are, thankfully, still at home!!