Sunday, July 15, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to be a ma for our stake's youth conference, a handcart pioneer trek. It was an amazing experience, full of challenges and learning to work together and spiritual experiences. 

Our youth survived the first day on whatever they had for breakfast, some saltines and dried apples for lunch and a roll and some broth when we finally got into camp at 12:30 pm. The miracle mile--which was aptly named--and trekking in the dark for hours will never be forgotten. 

On the last day, I asked most of my kids if they were glad that trek was so hard. They each gave me a resounding "YES!" They had different reasons, some because they now understood some of what the pioneers went through, some because they learned that they should be more grateful for what they have, and one young women because she had always thought she was weak and couldn't do hard things and now she knew that wasn't true! 

Here's a picture of Michael treking along.

Here's a picture during the women's pull--and, yes, that hill is as steep as it looks!

Here's a picture of my cute trek family.

From left to right: Mallory, Wayland, Jane, Kyle, Melody, me, Megan, Kenny, Pa G, Alex and Trevor. Uncle Brad (a member of the stk presidency) is missing--sad!

Here's a picture of our Stk Presidency (Uncle Brad is in the middle)

These are amazing youth! Hard working, kind, helpful, and with real testimonies of the gospel. I adore every one of them!! I'd do trek again in a heartbeat!

Here's an article in the local press.

Lot's of pictures here