Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten and a half is a beatiful thing!

I haven't timed a run in ages because I'm stop watch challenged. I forget to bring it, or forget to start or stop it, or accidentally reset it in the middle of my run, so I usually don't bother.

This boy and I are running 5k's together this summer (sans the tux).

In the past I have struggled to break a twelve minute mile (yup, I'm nothing if not speedy). But lately, I've been pushing to lengthen my stride, literally, not in the figurative LDS sense. I had no idea if it had made a difference.

This morning, Michael and I hit the pavement for a two miler, stop watch in hand. I remembered to start it, put it in my pocket to prevent resetting and, miracles of miracles, actually remembered to stop it at the end of the run. And guess what? We ran two miles in exactly twenty-one minutes. A ten and a half minute mile is a beatiful thing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

West Coast Here We Come!!

We leave in the morning for our son's wedding in the Northwest!

Here he is with his sweety!

Highlights we're looking forward to, in no particular order:

-- Our younger kids are excited to fly (they've all done it, but were too young to really remember it).
-- It will be the first time our family has been together since 2007. We've added four people since then (actually only three, but it'll be four once the wedding is over!) I can't wait for everyone to meet, and be together and take pictures!
-- We'll get to see my parents and Dean's mom!! (there's nothing like chatting with them face to face!!!)
-- Holding the grandbaby!!
-- Watching my son kneel across the alter from a worthy woman in the Lord's house and make those sacred covenants that, as they keep, will bind them to each other and to God in ways that are real and sacred and beautiful. It is truly one of the best days of a parents life! I will savor every moment in the temple with them.

Emily Picture. I can't wait to hold her!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jane Austin Got it Right!

This quote from Elder Boyd K. Packer has recently come to my attention and knocked my socks off! (Dean says he's read it to me before, but I, apparently wasn't ready for it, because I didn't remember ever hearing it).

"Romantic love is not only a part of life, but literally a dominating influence of it. It is deeply and significantly religious. There is no abundant life without it. Indeed, the highest degree of the celestial kingdom is unobtainable in the absence of it." (BYU Fireside, Nov. 3, 1963).

I had never thought of romance in that way! "Deeply and significantly religious", I love that! Have you ever thought of God as a romantic? (Coupled, of course, with having all good attributes in perfection, but I think romance truly is one of those attributes!)

The whole concept just makes me happy and is a beautiful thing!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Reading is Knocking at My Door!!!

Only three more days of school! I adore summer, the days at the pool, the laid back atmosphere, the fresh fruit, the extra time for reading!

My only problem? Finding good books to read! Do you struggle with that issue? I'm part of two book clubs,  one here, and one in the concrete world, and I'm continually on the hunt for good clean reads.

My husband follows lifehacker.com and just emailed the link for this fabulous article on creating an awesome summer reading list. Although I'd heard some of the ideas before, many were new and and I'm gonna try 'em. (That there is a site where you can check out kindle books for two weeks and earn gift cards as you share your own titles made my heart go pitter-pat!)

Summer reading, here I come!

My baking granddaughter!