Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Reading is Knocking at My Door!!!

Only three more days of school! I adore summer, the days at the pool, the laid back atmosphere, the fresh fruit, the extra time for reading!

My only problem? Finding good books to read! Do you struggle with that issue? I'm part of two book clubs,  one here, and one in the concrete world, and I'm continually on the hunt for good clean reads.

My husband follows and just emailed the link for this fabulous article on creating an awesome summer reading list. Although I'd heard some of the ideas before, many were new and and I'm gonna try 'em. (That there is a site where you can check out kindle books for two weeks and earn gift cards as you share your own titles made my heart go pitter-pat!)

Summer reading, here I come!

My baking granddaughter!


  1. are you on goodreads or anything? we should be friends, if you are!

  2. I have been having the same thought process and have started my summer reading list. I like the link you put up there.
    There is also a blog called
    Heres to some good summer reading - starting at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (wink!).

  3. Oh! She is delicious!!!!!!!!
    Pass on any ideas for good books.