Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Accountability and Adorability

It's true confession time in the weight department.

I came home from my daughters wedding thinner than I'd been in years, but the last month and a half have included very little in the exercise department but more than average in the consuming department so I'm no longer as svelt as I was (dontcha just HATE that!?)

In an attempt to get it under control, I've made a couple of goals and am writing them here in the hopes that it will keep me more accountable.

1. Excercise a minimum of five days a week (I'm two for two so far this week)
2. Drink at least six glasses of water per day.

That's it. I'm keeping the goals small enough to be doable.

Now for the fun part.

Tough-guy and Cutie-pie (my son and daughter-in-law) have been truly wonderful to send grandma lots of pictures of their beautiful babe. And so, in true obnoxious grandma fashion, I've got to show you a few pictures of my grandbaby!

Enjoy! (everyone of them makes me happy!)

(Yeah, Cutie-pie is a professional photographer. Sweet, huh!?)


  1. Ok, this is not fair! Lili is TWO and just barely got that much hair on top of her head. Congratulations, grandma! She's ADORABLE!

  2. They just keep getting cuter and cuter (is that a word?) each time I see these pictures! Love you lots and wish I still had my old work out partner! I am lousy in the department of doing it myself!!

  3. She is so cute! I love the dark rich hair! Like Caryn's little girl, I didn't even have that much hair when I was two. What a cutie!! I can't wait to be a grandma like you - of course I have to be a mom first - but I hear grandma is more fun!

  4. Oh my heavens she is sooo beautiful!! Those pictures are amazing - your daughter in law does a wonderful job at photography and making babies - ha ha!

  5. She reminds me of my babies with all that hair. Congrats! She's a beauty for sure!

  6. Love that last one! Adorable!

  7. I love the one with the eyes open. She is so beautiful! Hang in there with the weight battle. Like all hard things it IS worth it.