Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Got A Hold of Me!

Cue music:

"Procrastination's got a hold of me"

It's in quotes because Michael McLean is the author of those words, not your's truly. It's part of his, no doubt, mountain of unpublished songs.

But, though I didn't pen the words, they describe exactly where I am in my life.

Here is my top ten list of favorite things to procrastinate:

10. Sweeping my kitchen floor. Thankfully, my floor hides a multitude of dirt!

9. Making visiting teaching appointments. I adore visiting with my sisters, but actually making the phone call is, for some reason, not something I want to do right now.

8. Putting away folded towels. I have insufficient towel storage space. So it's a struggle every time and I'll do it later.

7. Requesting medical flexible spending reimbursement. The paperwork; dotting every i or their gonna reject it; makes me tired.

6. Returning neighbor's dishes. When my family is in need and a neighbor or ward member brings dinner in, I am always grateful. But, I confess that I groan inwardly when I see real dishes, knowing they will sit on my counter for days (or weeks) and be washed several times before finding their way back to their rightful owner. (which will make me feel guilt and who needs THAT?)

5. Folding laundry. I'm getting a smidge better about this one, less attitude and more just get' er done!

4. Responding to event invitations on facebook. Don't know why, but I put it off until the last minute.

3. Eating and exercising. This one important to me, and yet, I've been in the, I'll start tomorrow mode for three solid weeks, pudging right up!

2. Mating socks. I know, I know, I already listed folding laundry, but mating socks is in a league by itself. I will NEVER have good attitude about mating socks.

1. Entering receipts into Quicken. The more I put it off, the more motivated I am to do everything but! This happens to be the thing I'm procrastinating at the moment.

What do you procrastinate?


  1. Procrastinate? Me? NEVER. I get stuff done exactly when it's supposed to be done, maybe even before. I'm sooooo on the ball.
    Ya, I hate to be rubbing that all in your face, but I totally rock at getting things done on time.
    Sock? They are totally organized in the drawers my color, neatly mated and matched.

    And if you believed that crock I have a really good friend in Malaysia that wants to give you $100,000!

    Ya, laundry is the worst! Facebook? Ignore.
    Exercise....well, can you say muffin top?

    You are so normal.

  2. Anything not involving chocolate or reading.

    How's that for an all inclusive list!

  3. I don't mate my socks either. I make Hod do his own, and my socks just never match. I'm ok with that. (I match them by thickness...) I haven't quite figured out how I am going to work that option once I am able to start my own family. Do my kids HAVE to wear matching socks?

  4. No, my children often wear mismatched socks once they do their own laundry. But I feel the need to match the socks for the laundry I do.

  5. I too hate making the calls for Visiting Teaching. I am running, running, running all the time that to co-ordinate with the sisters I visit and my partner just makes me crazy! Once I am there I love visiting but getting there....ugh!

    Exercising right now is my biggest one! Heaven help my butt!

  6. UGH!!!!!! We had flexible spending HELL last year and will never do it again!!!!!!
    Just had to get that out.. now
    I procrastinate anything that doesn't involve making the kid quit what I am saying is I sit on the couch all day and hold a fussy baby...That house is never clean and the laundry doesn't get done til some has nothing left to wear!

  7. Oh, Ashley, I've so been there!! It'll get better...eventually!