Friday, February 11, 2011

Whippin' Sumthin' Up!

Do you love as much as I do? It's my go-to web site whenever I'm looking for a new dish to try. There are so many recipe sights out there, but this one's my favorite for the following reasons:

1. You can search for recipes by ingredient. Got a whole lot of zucchini you need to use and and are plum out of ideas? Search for zucchini recipes and you're bound to find a boat load of zucchini recipes that you'd never even thought of.

2. Once you search for a recipe you can sort them by rating. The best rated recipes will be first on the list. If it doesn't have at least 4 1/2 stars, I don't even bother to try it. If it's got ratings AND lots of reviews, you know it's good!

3. The reviews. As I skim through them I get a feel for what it's like to make the recipe, where others may have struggled, and their suggestions for said struggle. If multiple people say the recipe is too sweet, then I decrease the sugar. There's a plethora of info there, which is nice to have before you try a new dish.

Today, hubders and I celebrated Valentines day. I know we're early, but I took a gander at Mondays calendar and it's not going to be conducive to romance. Today, however was relatively free and, with his bizarre work schedule, he could do a date in the middle of the day.

I made two recipes that I found on This one was my favorite. So quick and easy and sooooo good! Of course, it's hard to go wrong with strawberries and avocados!

Where do you find good recipes?


  1. I also love allrecipes! Although... I was recently introduced to Supercook ( It has a lot of the features of allrecipes, but it is looking at lots and lots of recipe websites, including allrecipes. I see it as a little bit more bang for my buck... well it's free... so more bang for... my time? Though I will admit, I do normally end up picking a recipe off of allrecipes anyway.

  2. I love allrecipes - I also love to read the reviews and I have found many family favorites there.
    I also love the food network and a huge downfall of mine are cooking magazines - I'm addicted!!

  3. I have never gone there but what a fabulous idea.
    That would be awesome to be able to plug in some on hand ingredients.

    Looks like a fun idea!

  4. I love allrecipes!

    Also is one of my favorites too.