Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does the Journey Seem Long?

Slowly, you get there.

Pound the pavement regularly enough and 5k becomes doable again. Hop on the bike day after day and the miles are no longer insurmountable. Swim enough mornings and even a land lubber like me begins to approach the needed distance.

Fifty-six days until the triathlon. I'm in a very different place than last year. Not as panicked, determined to better my time, and on my way.


  1. You absolutely ROCK!!!!! I am so impressed and awestruck.
    I'm excited to hear about how well you do!

  2. You are so awesome! I am excited for you.
    I hope next year to be where you are now - I have goals and the way you worded it in your post was perfect.
    I know you will do Fantastic in the tri-athalon! I'll be rooting for you - you're a hero of mine:)

  3. you are amazing! i love that you triathlons! you go girl!

  4. I'm so glad that I have a daughter that has reached some of the goals that I never did. What a great accomplishment you have made and will continue to make. Love you dear.

  5. Lots of luck! I can't imagine training for a triathlon. Yowza. I'm so impressed!

  6. (When did your brother serve in Finland? I'm wondering if my dad was his mission president.)

  7. I have to hand it to you!!!! This is awesome, keep us posted.

    Eager to go back through your posts and catch up!