Friday, June 18, 2010

North Carolina!

Our family just got back from a trip to North Carolina to see our son, Tough Guy and his sweet wife, Cutie-Pie. It was a fabulous trip and it got us to the ocean with our kids (something, I must admit we've never done before).

The sixteen hour car ride was a bit extreme for the five of us in our trusty Camry. But the kids (age 15, 12 and 6) were amazingly patient and it took only a quiet word from Dad to pull them back when things got out of hand. (Can someone tell me why Dad's word is law and Mom's word is ignored?)

We stayed on the military base (Cherry Point), which was cheap and an adventure! We gabbed and played with our fun son and daughter-in-law. We ate too much. We got sunburned at the beach, gathered lot's of shells, and made a spectacular sand castle (no pics of the beach, 'cuz there's no cheap way to get pictures off of my cell phone and I wasn't gonna get my camera full of sand).

We ate Carolina BBQ. Yum!

We explored a Civil War Fort.

We visited an aquarium. Where we:
pet the rays,

and a sea turtle,

and spent lots of time in front of the shark tank.

A brief look at one of the many things that kept the kids entertained during the 32 hours on the road. Who knew that carrots could be so entertaining!

And yes, we stopped in Metropolis on our way home!

We've only been home for three days and I already miss Tough Guy and Cutie-pie.
Good thing they're coming in July!!
Don'tcha just love summer!?


  1. Looks like you had a really fun trip, great pics, soo fun to see your family, Hugs!!

  2. I remember Metropolis!

    Fun picts!

  3. What a great trip. Everyone looks wonderful! Can't wait to see you all again

  4. It looks like it was a fabulous time!!!!! I love the carrot pictures. Poor kid will never get another normal present again will she? (if she's that entertained by carrots)

    Love the pictures.

    Ya, summer is awesome!

  5. So fun! I only wish I could have tagged along!

  6. What a party! Looks like it was a great time. I miss you guys tons!

  7. Wow! All of your kids look soo grown up! How is your son and daughter in law doing?