Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm taking a break from Christian Connection Thursdays today. I'll bring it back next week, but it's just not happening today and I'm gonna embrace that and move on.

Some thoughts that are dancing around in my brain:

Random thought #1
I sometime wonder if my children are "getting it". Do they understand why we live the way we do? Are they developing a love for, and a desire to be obedient to our Father? Am I providing opportunities for them to come to know God? Am I filling them up with my love so it will be easier for them to recognize His? It's so easy to get caught up in the minutia of life that you don't take time for the big important stuff. You know, cuddles, laughs, pointing out the blessings and savoring them, teaching them in the moment, even if the moment falls in the middle of a rush to get somewhere, asking what's on their mind. I truly believe these are some of the most important things, but they're not the squeeky wheel and so often don't get the "grease". (This random thought was brought to you by the desire to do better)

Random thought #2
The other day, Girlie-Whirl offered family prayer. I think the following is word for word:
Note: She says, Thankly for we thank thee, but what she really means is "please bless". We've worked on it, but she persists and since I wish I were more thankful for the trials and struggles, I haven't tried too hard. Her thankly's are a little whisper of reminder from God (when I let them be).
Henly Father,
We thankly for those that are sad to be happy.We thankly for Mrs. Frandsen's husband. We thankly for Sister Jones. In  the name...
Sweet, simple, direct, and all about others who need help.

Random thought #3
Is it possible to keep an organized house without putting in any effort? I keep desperately searching for a method that will not take time and energy, but alas, I can't find one!

Random thought #4
Having older children call home and "dish" is one of life's great joys!


  1. Most of your random thoughts I have had too. Thanks for sharing

  2. Your simple solution to random thought 3? Get rid of all your stuff. Problem solved. :) As for the first one, I feel that way right now with Lili. Glad to know it NEVER goes away! Haha!

  3. Great random thoughts.
    My kids are all out of the house and I still wonder if they get it or will ever get it.

  4. #3 - Yes, husband. #2 - Sooo cute! #1 - you are doing it better than most...(see #2). #4 - not quite there yet. :)

  5. I love your random thoughts. I too often wonder if I could do more. Am I doing enough for my kids, especially my younger ones.
    I guess we can't be perfect.
    I also wonder about the house. I could spend my life just cleaning it and doing nothing else, but I don't wanna!!! ha ha