Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip to Utah and Banana Girl's Artwork.

I just got back from taking my son out to BYU. It was a fabulous trip (the 43 hours in the car NOT included, but survived!)

Trip highlights:
Visiting with my sisters and my husband's wonderful (and hilarious) family, hearing my adorable niece speak in church before she leaves for the MTC in Brazil, being at the cabin at Bear Lake!, spending the night at a dear old friend's home and gabbing nonstop the whole time, meeting my daughters boyfriend (he's approved!), watching my son be nervous 'cuz it's been a while since he was in school and knowing he's gonna simply fly, and spending a week straight with my youngest (the logistics of leaving a kindergartner behind were just not worth tackling so she came along).

I only took two pictures the whole trip (what was I THINKING?!) they were both of my sweet mother-in-law. Here she is:

Heart of gold, that woman has!

I came home (so sick of the car I could scream) and THRILLED to be back where I could see my man's face again (and Bikey-boy's and Banana-girl's).

Upon returning home, I found this piece of artwork, made by my almost 12 year old daughter. It made me happy! Click on the picture to see the detail and read the labels.

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  1. The artwork is hilarious!

    Glad you were able to have that 43 hour drive....yuk!