Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christian Connection Thursdays!

Today I want to introduce you to Sara Frankle; a lovely lady with some thoughts on life and God that are a fresh breeze on a hot summer day. I'm not gonna go into her background info here, (you can poke around on her blog to learn her circumstances). Suffice to say that she can no longer leave her home without severe repercussions. Now if I were in similar circumstances, I would feel downright justified in an all night pity party that hung around for a year or two. But Sara chose instead to find joy and light and beauty and God... everywhere.

I know I linked to her profile, but just in case you didn't click on over here's a quote from it:
"Just a girl who used to write for a magazine to make a living, and now writes a blog to make a life. Extremely blessed, well-loved and choosing joy while learning that homebound doesn't limit your life, just your location."
I was pretty determined to only link up one specific post, but I can't choose so you're gonna get two.

This post is a whole new twist on the trite, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" concept. Nothing trite here. Just a fresh look, whole lot of faith and hope, and a sense of the goodness that Heavenly Father extends to us as we seek him.

This one is her Easter post this year. I love it when a post makes me gasp with a new insight! This one did.

Mosey on over to her blog. You won't be sorry!


  1. I went, I read, I marveled! What a wonderful perspective. I'm so happy to add her to my list of things I love to read. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I love this new Thursday idea!

  3. Thanks! I am really enjoying these Thursday posts of yours and the connections :D

    Hope you are having a Happy day!

  4. I'm still thinking this is such a good idea. Heading over to read these blogs. Thanks for sharing.

    Your sister sounds amazing. Hope she had a wonderful birthday.