Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Number Four

Fifteen years ago
today, this boy came into my life.


It was a nightmarish labor and delivery -- (delivery is never a modest proposition, but if it's a teaching hospital, a lot more people see all of you, and if yours is the delivery on the floor that everyone's worried about, that number goes up exponentially) -- but it's been fab since then.

He's my calmest and the happiest kid I know. He's slow to anger and quick to volunteer to help. He sees the best in everyone and loves with a pure heart.

Happy B-day Bikey-boy!!! We sure love you!


  1. I was just wondering today when his birthday was! Happy Birthday you smiling boy!

  2. He is such a good boy! Love him lots!

  3. Happy Birthday dear grandson. Your smiles have been making me happy for 15 yr.