Monday, March 1, 2010

He May WEAR the Pants, But Does He BUY Them?

Within the first couple years of our marriage, my husband became very hesitant to purchase clothing for me. The first item of clothing he ever bought me was a bathrobe for Christmas. Not the one I would have chose, however, and since it didn't fit I had a good excuse to exchange it. I came home with a different style which squelched any desires he had to repeat the scenario. Btw, the robe I bought was cute, but way too hot. I could never wear it for more than ten minutes at a time and eventually gave it way in pristine condition. I shoulda kept the one he bought me!

One Christmas, eight-ish years later, wanting to encourage him, I asked for a white turtle neck for Christmas. I gave him my size, he headed out and quickly returned, somewhat confused and overwhelmed. Too many sizes and choices, he said. When I asked what on earth he meant (after all, I gave him the size and how many choices can there be for a white turtle neck?) he informed me that there were lots of confusing choices. There was a Misses section, a Petite section and a Women's section and each of those sections had both turtle necks and mock turtle necks. He was at a loss! And he had a point, let's face it, women's sizes are stupid.

Undaunted, I told him to buy it from the misses section, that either mock or turtle would be acceptable and sent him back. On Christmas morning, I opened up a package to find a white turtle neck with tiny navy blue flowers all over it. It was lovely, but wouldn't go with a single thing in my closet. However, wanting to show him how tickled I was with his brave foray into the women's clothing section, I searched high and low until I found a navy blue cardigan to buy that looked fab with the turtle neck. I then proceeded to wear it to death, and truly loved that turtleneck. (I also bought the white one that he didn't buy for me).

Jump forward to Christmas 1990. We had been married 15 years by this time and my man had purchased exactly two items of clothing for me, a bathrobe and a turtleneck. It wasn't a big deal to me. He's very supportive whenever I feel the need to buy new clothes (in fact, I have to be careful because he always say yes to me -- he's just like that).

Christmas morning there were some nicely sized boxes with my name on them. I was dumbfounded as I opened them and found that each one contained clothing!!! Four blouses and two dresses in all!!! He'd gone to Dress Barn, asked for help (what a man!), and bought me lots of lovely clothes!

I never did learn the specific whys of the sudden change, except that he loves me and thought I'd enjoy it. He was right. Ya know, ya think ya know the man and yet, he continues to surprise me. Makes me happy!

Does your husband buy clothes for you? Do you wish he would (or wouldn't)?


  1. Good heavens... my husband has never bought clothes for me... except for a hat and scarf set, but does that really even count? I don't think he would ever risk it, but mostly because I'm kinda hard to fit... I really, really have to try stuff on.

  2. It is a struggle to even get him to come with me to check out clothes, so that I know he would think I look hot in them. His way out is simply saying, "You look hot in everything!"

  3. Wow, you've detailed our marriage to a T thus far! The only clothes he's bought for me are pajamas, and some of them are pretty decent. The first Christmas we were together (right before we got married), he bought me this nightgown (I NEVER wear nightgowns) that was black with weird blue designs (it reminded him of the things women in Africa used to wear). I wore it a few times for his benefit, but I just couldn't make myself like it. I gave it away, too.

    He's the same way when it comes to clothes shopping. If I even mention it, he says yes, almost automatically, without any real reservation. I love it, but it's scary!

  4. My hubby doesn't and never has bought clothing for me. I think I'm glad.
    He has bought jewelry for me. GAG! His taste is horrific.
    The only beautiful piece of jewelry he bough was my wedding set. I totally love it.
    Necklaces....he is so NOT allowed.
    It's ok though cause I'm not much of a jewelry wearer.
    That your hubby would ask for help........amazing. I'd keep him if I were you.

  5. Go Hubders! I think it's courageous of him to venture into the clothes category for gifts!

  6. Mark was very good at the clothes thing, I am on my own this time around, your cute blog made me think of another story, thinking back to a time when your sweetheart decided to dish up your salad from the salad bar, (you had not arrived) as I remember each item needed just a little more space on the plate, its great that daily he helps you smile!!

  7. My Husband does buy me clothes. After decades of marriage, I gave up on the surpraise that I always wanted and we go togeather to buy clothes for me. Not as exciting, but I do get what I like. Glad you've reached such a good place.

  8. Hmmm... my hubby sounds much like my mother's report on my dad. Guess its the farmer thing. Oh well... I love them both and I guess I never had high expectation from my hubby because I pictured my dad's shopping skills as the norm. Sis I love your blogs.. they make me smile, even if they also seem to make me miss you more! Love ya lots!!!!

  9. Oh cute!! My husband used to purchase a dress or two for me every year. But hasn't for some time. Not that he wouldn't want to, but I shop enough for myself. AUGH....not good I know.

    It does do your heart good though when they think of you, and do something sweet like this though.
    Have a great day.

  10. No Mike doesn't like to shop for me too much. He'd prefer I just pick it out myself. Question though: if you were celebrating 15 years together in 1990, did you like get married when you were 10??? It's bothering me. :)

  11. Josh has bought very little clothing for me, and most of that has gone back. :) We both think the other person likes weird clothes. ;) He does things like give me a gift card to my favorite store with a certificate for 'free babysitting' so I can shop kid-free. :)