Monday, March 22, 2010


This is not a political blog. But sometimes you just got say something!

I have followed the current debate in the country very closely and my biggest questions have not been addressed by the party in power. (Not in the whole 100 years of discussion about health care reform. (smirk))

So here are my questions:

In the Refusal to Learn from History category:
1. Can anyone point to even one government entitlement program that wasn't riddle with fraud?

2. Can anyone show me a single country with nationalized heathcare where costs went down and the quality of care went up?

In the Refusal to Use some Commen Sense category:
1. What would be the drawback of trying real torte reform? (Other than the decrease of trial lawyer dollars lining the pocket of our lawmakers) It's working well in Texas, wouldn't cost a dime to enact and could have huge benefits.

2. Why have lawmakers refused to try real competition for insurance companies. Again, it wouldn't cost a dime and could make such a difference.

In the Shaking my Head category:
1. When there are so many untried low and no cost options that could arguably fix the worst of the "healthcare crisis", why are we taking drastic measures that the majority of citizens of this country are apposed to?



  1. I'm right there with you sis. It's so agrivating!

  2. The whole thing boggles my mind. I want to know what their real motivation behind all the seemingly nonsense decisions is. I want to know what kind of reality they are living in. Ding dong anyone home?

  3. YOU are one intelligent, wonderful thinker. There is NO logic in what is going on--only a love for power. What a mess we are in.

  4. Good questions! This whole thing is crazy. I work with a woman from Australia where they have been trying this Health Care for years. She's seen the end results, and now I'm really scared! EEP! (IE: her mom needs a life saving surgery, but because of all of the super long lines of people with sniffles getting help, she is on a 3 year waiting list... and she needs the surgery last week. This sounds like a GREAT plan!)

  5. Because all those things would make sense!!!!!And Why would we want to try something that doesn't cost money and that the people of america might want?!?!?! That's not what america's about right????

  6. Hello - I saw that you came and visited my blog - I love meeting new friends - especially who love the same things I do.

    I just say "Amen" to everything in this post. There seriously has got to be a much much better way!

    I think if this vote would have gone to the people it wouldn't have passed. I have been sick all day at the "historical pictures" (blah) of the President signing this bill.

    There is a better way - I hope someday we find it before it's too late.

  7. If I had the eloquence and knowledge that you do, I would say the same things. I hear ya sister...

  8. Amen and amen... I wish I knew the answers. the whole thing has me banging my head against the wall.

  9. Thanks for the awesome and inspiring quote you left over at my place yesterday. I love it. As for this post of yours, I'm shaking my head too. Blessings to you and yours.