Friday, February 26, 2010

Coming Clean

My weight has been creeping up since mid December. It's not a pretty sight. I've stopped checking my families weight loss blog and started skipping the body test on the Wii-fit. I don't want to face the weight gain so I avoid things that remind me. But I can't avoid getting dressed each day and it's getting painfully obvious that it's past time to do something.

Although I've made multiple half-hearted attempts to get it under control in the last few months none of them have been real enough to yield any results. This week I'm getting serious. Making better choices, controlling the mindless eating, zipping the lip after 7:00 pm, making exercise a priority every day, and I've put a weight loss tracker on my blog (up in the right hand corner). Hopefully it will help keep me accountable. My goal, for now, is ten pounds and I'm currently down two.

Here are the facts. They're not pretty, but I'm coming clean so I'm not gonna sugar coat it. After moving to the Midwest ten years ago I joined weight watchers and lost 60 lbs. I put back on 35 those pounds, but lost 10 of them last year training for the triathlon. Currently, I'm right at the 35 re-regain.

During weight watchers I learned to look at weight loss in terms of cubes of butter. That way, even a 1/4 lb loss was a success because it was a whole cube of butter no longer hanging on my hips. Well, I just did the math and 35 lbs is ... shudder ... 140 cubes of butter! YUCK!!! No wonder my clothes no longer fit!!! That's just downright embarrassing!

I've come clean. I'm motivated. I'm down 8 cubes of butter. I'm tracking the loss publicly. Watch me shrink.


  1. I need to join you in your efforts.
    Six years ago I lost 53 pounds.
    I found it.

  2. Do you think there is a way to do some sort of long distance support group for weight loss? I just started running again, yesterday. We got the wii fit on clearance for a christmas present and I did good for a about 2 week and now it has been over a month since I was actively on there, BLAH! I refuse to buy "fat clothes" again so it was either keep on squeezing myself in my current clothes or stop being lazy. My friend told me I could use her treadmill so that is what I have done the last 2 days. I too lost 50 pounds a year and a half ago but I have found 25 of it. I do not diet though I just eat less of what I normally eat. I just need a support group that is free

  3. OK. You have inspired me to finally start to actually do something about my extra "baby" weight. I just keep putting it off. I have a WWi fit - Jer gave it to me for Christmas - haven't opened it. Bad me!

  4. I feel your pain, sister. And, I know I have the excuse that I'm pregnant, yadda, yadda, but I will tell you that my ob just told me to "keep an eye" on my weight. Apparently it's not okay for even me to gain 8 lbs in a month.

  5. Yeah for new committments. Me too only it seems to be a weekly thing. Maybe we can both do better.

  6. Good for you! Nothing helps more than being accountable to someone, anyone, or... everyone! AND....


    Hope it was a magnificent day.

  7. Gaining is so easy and losing is so hard. Why does it have to be that way!!!??

    I hear ya! I battle of my life to keep the weight off. People tell me I can't know what it's like because I'm thin....I didn't always use to be thin and I DO know what it's like because I am thin....if that makes any sense?

    I drink herbal tea when the munchies hit me like crazy.

    And good luck! You'll do it ;)

  8. You go lady! You pretty much rock. I believe!

  9. I'm so glad you found a great widgit! I just re-dedicated myself this morning. I'm making myself find the dedication I had 16 months ago when I actually started running and loosing weight. Here We GO!