Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day of Rest!

We went to Nauvoo to see Mom and Dad this weekend. It was just me with the three youngest. We had a wonderful time. A sleigh ride (forgot the camera so Dad lent me his, but the pics are still in Nauvoo). Hot chocolate at Magleby's -- THE BEST hot chocolate on the planet!!! Games with Grandma and Grandpa. (if you haven't played Qwirkle, you should. It's a good one!) Fun conversation and the love that you feel from parents. All great stuff.

Sunday morning, however was not my fav. You've experienced your own version this. Mine went something like this.

Wake up at 7:15 in a panic because church starts at 8:00 and Dad warned you that all the missionaries are in their seats and listening to prelude music by 7:50. Rouse three children and rush them to the breakfast table. Leave them with instructions to get dressed the minute they finish their cereal while you jump in the shower. Get out of the shower to find that your children aren't done getting dressed, yell, patiently usher them through the dressing process.
Fix hair, brush teeth, comfort eleven year old daughter who's discovered she left her Sunday shoes home and is mortified at the thought of wearing tennis shoes to church. Fix Girlie-whirl's hair. Snarf a bowl of cereal. Holler for everyone to get their coats on as you eat the last two bites. Throw on your coat and yell gently remind your children to get their coats on. NOW.

Herd them out the door and discover that we're gonna have to wade through snow to get to the car, a fair jaunt. Tell them to wait at the door while you get the car. Plod through the snow in your Sunday flats and fill your shoes with snow. Open the trunk for the snow scraper. Realize that it's in the very back of your large trunk and that you're gonna have to climb in to reach it. Notice that your skirt isn't gonna allow it. Hike up the skirt and climb into the trunk with great haste in a very, ahem, shall we say, ladylike fashion. Grab the scraper and hastily brush the snow off your windows.

Jump in the car. Start her up and force your impatient, late self to eeeease on the gas so your wheels won't spin in all the snow and slowly drive round to the front. Roll down the window and, with the patience of Job, of course, verbally hurry your children along as they dawdle out the door.

Drive slowly and carefully to the church while pointedly ignoring the persistent little voice in your head that's screaming "You're gonna be late!" Arrive at the stake center only to find that you can't park any where near the place. Drop the children off at the door. Find a parking place on the opposite side of the building from where your children are.

Wade through more snow (filling your shoes again). Enter the building, seeing your children at the end of a very long hallway. Wave to them, 'cuz you're right by the chapel and it would be really convenient if they would come to you. Realize that they're looking out the door for you and thus will never see you waving. Race walk down the hall. Gather your children. Hang up coats. Herd them down the hallway. Find your parents in the chapel. Collapse on the bench and recover as best you can from the marathon morning.

It was well worth the effort. A lovely sacrament meeting. My children have never been to church in a congregation with no children. The sacrament was completely silent. A novel thing. But I could have happily done without the first hour of my Sunday.


  1. Oh dear. What I day. The good news is, you made it, and you are amazing. Love you!

  2. 8 o clock church just might be the death of me if I had to do it every Sunday... ten o clock church nearly does me in!! Seriously. I think it might be the hardest two hours of my week... the two leading up to church. But generally it's worth it. Even if our sacrament meetings are far from silent. :)

  3. Oh, that was hilarious! I felt every bit of snow that was in your shoes. Wish there was a camera moment of you getting the snow scraper out of the trunk. Really I'm a nice person, but that made me laugh and I think it would be a perfect picture for the WWW!

    OK I'll be nice now!

  4. Ahh, snow in the sunday shoes. One of life's real injustices!

  5. Oh the hot chocolate at Magleby's really is yummy. Me thinks I would drive to Nauvoo just for that:-) Thanks for sharing a fun experience. Well it was fun for the rest of us...grin, chuckle, aaaahhhh

  6. I had not heard the whole story. I'm impressed how calm you appeared when you finally got sit down. Sorry you didn't get a chance to enjoy the prelude music. Having you 4 here was such a delight. It buoys me up for the whole month.

  7. I totally enjoyed hearing about your relaxing, soo ready for the sabath day feast experience, I'm glad it turned out good and that by next week you will be able to file this story along with all the other sunday morning stories, that remind us again that the day of rest starts after the block!! Hugs

  8. Oh! OH! OH!

    I just found your blog - and guess what! I just went to Nauvoo for the first time ever a few weeks ago! It was soooo amazing! I am a new member, baptized Sept 27.

    My blog is here: www.housewifeclass.blogspot.com

    and you can go to my topics down on the right column, and find "Temple-Nauvoo" to read about my experiences in Nauvoo.

    But oh, yay! I am so glad I "found" you!

  9. Oh your Sunday morning was a hoot! I'm glad you didn't raise your voice or come unglued once!! HAHAHAHA

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Nauvoo.