Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I came back from a run this morning, tired, stiff, stinky, and cold. Lot's to do today and so I jumped in the shower.

As I washed away the grime, I took a moment to savor. The hot water relaxing my tired muscles, the smell of my Refreshing Tangerine shampoo (Suave. I'm very high end), the water enveloping me in warmth and chasing away the chill.

There...is...nothing...like...a...hot...shower. Nothing. And I realized how rare a thing I was experiencing. Showers are so commonplace for us that we don't give them a thought. For most of man's history, however, turning a knob and standing under hot running water was not only an impossibility, it was simply unimaginable. Even today, there are millions of people who will never know the joy of of standing under a steady spray of warm water.

And so, in this month of gratitude, I am grateful for my shower. Amongst the hard water deposits and clutter of bottles, it's a beautiful thing.


  1. I'm impressed. Even if I was allowed to run right now, I'm not sure I would have been willing with how yucky it was outside!

    Like the new background too.

  2. I say a little prayer of thanks EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in the shower and feel the tension steam out of my body under the hot, hot stream of water. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  3. I was thinking the week about the same thing!! we are soo very blessed with simple every day JOY!! then you add a gospel foundation, and a great Family (immediate & extended) It is all a beautiful thing!!