Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm a victim of an over zealous love for food, and it's starting to show. My spare tire is growing and I'm not going to buy any bigger size clothing. Something's gotta give!

I know how to lose weight, done it before--sixty pounds even. Thirty of it found me again, pretty depressing, but I keep reminding myself that thirty of those pounds have been gone for four years now, better than nothing!

Here's the game plan: Keep a food journal (yuck!), exercise daily (I like this one, but that doesn't mean I'm doing it often enough), find substitutes foods that satisfy my cravings but are kinder to my fat stores than the ones I am currently consuming (this one takes time and energy and who has THAT?), assert portion control (chortle!!), and quit grazing in the kitchen (yeah, right!).

I want to lose weight, to fit better into my clothes, to stop catching glimpses of myself in mirrors and thinking, "Who is that fat lady?" But I don't want it enough right now. I can't seem to summon up enough self control to do the right things for longer than a day or two (okay, so maybe it's actually more like an hour or two). Whimper.

When things are not going well, we have two choices, we can get discouraged, or we can get determined. That's what my weight watcher leader taught me. But I've chosen a third option. I'm ignoring it all while I eat few more pieces of Halloween candy.

Can someone please fedex me some will power?


  1. That is SO funny, because I've been having the same conversation in my head. It's so frustrating--I totally know what I need to do. I finally realized that if I REALLY wanted it, I could do it. I must not REALLY want it. So, until I do, I'll eat a few more pieces of chocolate myself. :) If I find a good deal on will power, I'll let you know.

  2. Count me in on this one. Too bad all of us are not closer together so we could do this together.

  3. I challenge you to a duel...j/k kind of. I am feeling the same way...I need a co conspirater in my dedication. So lets do it together, but apart. Lets set a goal...and when we see each other again if we have reached that goal we will reward each reward from you if you are willing would be just some good aunt Lisa alone time... we will go on a walk for like 1/2 a hour and talk. My reward to you if you want it is a hour massage. So what are our goals? And when will we see each other again- maybe this spring if I get my butt out there...but if not, next summer. My goal is to train for the 1/2 marathon. Staying set on my training! Your goal?

  4. I just stubbed my toe on your blog from DeNae's. Sorta glad I did! You write wonderfully and I love your pictures! Spent quite a bit of time here. Loved your Nauvoo post and seeing President Monson. Wow!

  5. Hey Sis,
    I know we came from the wide end of the gene pool. And although I am accused of worrying too much about my weight, I have been aware of my weight since high school. About every 7 years, my weight begins to balloon (like 10 pounds in a month), and I once again have to make adjustments to my habits. I have come a long way from eating fresh cream on my cracked wheat cereal for breakfast!!!
    I know that men tend to be able to lose weight easier than women, but I am pulling for you.
    I am constantly inspired by your blogs.
    Love you Sis!

  6. Does desperation help? That's where I'm at. They say the average weight gain on this mission is 30 lbs. I can't do that so I am serching for an easy fix. Oh, I know there isn't one. I do believe I have a skinny spirit. I just wish that was what showed

  7. oh my goodness.... fresh cream on cracked wheat cereal? Just send me to heaven right now, why don't you? Last summer I worked with a personal trainer and lost ten pounds in three months... the best advice she ever gave me was that once a week, for one meal, I had to let myself eat whatever the heck I wanted. I'm too much of a food person to be strict and rigid all the time. I would never last longer than a week or so without some sort of reprieve in the middle. So I would look forward to that one meal, where I could splurge, and that would help my motivation for the rest of the week... maybe the weight didn't come off as fast as it would have otherwise, but come on. This isn't the biggest loser. I had to be realistic and set goals that I knew I could stick with for longer than a week or two. I also had a competition with my sister in law, and her roommate... a race to see who could lose ten pounds first. We started a private blog for just the three of us, and posted our results and progress on there... that was a huge help too. Something visual to motivate us on, and a little bit of pressure when I would see that someone else was doing really well. Good luck!

  8. I've been on the homeopathic HCG diet and I have lost 25 lbs in 27 days.

    I agree with the food diary - it's absolutely essential for me!

  9. I find that when I exercise consistently and drink enough water in a day my cravings for food goes down. I find it easier to eat healthier when I am doing those 2 things consistently. Though my problem is keeping the exercise and water drinking constant.

  10. I've got four months to eat with impunity. Then baby gets here and suddenly it's all about the Weight Watchers again. I am a TERRIBLE grazer. All tempting food has to be banned from my house.