Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smile!!! -- yeah, right!

My family is not normal.

When a camera is shoved in their face and the words, "Say cheese!" are uttered, most people tend to do what they can to look their best. Not at my house. A camera is seen as an opportunity to pull faces. This family tradition started with Hubders in college -- his friends literally competed to see how offbeat they could get their student ID pictures to look. There actually was an art to it -- too strange, and they make you take another picture. But I digress.

Last night, when it was time for family prayer, I found Hubders and Banana-Girl talking and laughing on the stairs. There was nothing profound or unusual about this, but I love the relationship that my man has with our children and wanted to document the simple, sweet moment with a photo. I turned on the camera, walked up a few steps and snapped a picture:

Not quite what I was hoping for, so I tried again.

Love Hubders smile, but can I get a normal look from both of you, please?

After this shot, which is by far the worst of the three,
I specifically asked Banana-Girl to smile.

She did, and I gave up, knowing that having a fun dad
is infinitely better than a getting a good photo.


  1. That is an awesome montage! You've got such a fun family.

  2. Grandmas think every picture of beloved family is wonderful. So grateful for all of you

  3. Oh, I just love it! What a fun family, and a wonderful relationship. Priceless.

  4. Ahhhhh! That's so dang cute! Looks like family prayer may have been ...uhm, shall we say...spiritual?

  5. She totally looks like.. um I dont know her code name... your oldest girl! In those photos!

    Muah! miss you

  6. CUTE pictures. Love it when dad and daughter are having a goofy time.

  7. Great philosophy! I hope Banana-girl (why is she named this?) still wants to be goofy after she sees that you have posted these pictures... on the internet... for everybody to see...

  8. Banana-Girl thinks it's great that these pictures are posted on my blog--she thinks pictures like these are much more interesting than a boring old smile.

    She's Banana-Girl because she's been know naround here by the middle name Banana her whole life. (no, that's not her middle name, in fact, she doesn't have a middle name), but it's still what we call her.