Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crazy Hair Day!

It was crazy hair day at the elementary school today. We got online and googled crazy hair day images. 
This is the one Abbie liked the best (it came from here):

Here's our version:

She was sooo excited to go to school! She said her hair looked 
like a truffela tree (her classroom is all Dr. Seuss). 

At the bus stop, cars kept honking at her and giving her the thumbs up sign. 

I love, love, love how much joy children get out of little things! It was a blast to watch 
her excitement this morning, as she got ready for school. 

I just adore her!


  1. So fun! How did you do that? She looks so cute!

  2. Love that! Go Abbie! It turned out so well. :)

  3. Oh my goodness!
    That is the best hair ever!!!!!
    Not sure how you accomplished that, but if I would have been driving by I would have honked for sure!

  4. That is SO great!! So much fun! Sure do love you guys!

  5. Love it! Our crazy hair day was Monday, and we had some pretty fabulous ones, too!

  6. I wish I could do that to my hair. It is adorable I'm sure it deserved more than just a few car honks. Good job!!!

  7. How did you do it...make it stand up?

  8. I put a pipe cleaner in the pony tail and then put elastics every couple of inches. It was leaning over by the time she came home, but she was very happy with it.