Friday, June 15, 2012


Things have been quieter than usual around these parts lately. That's because this girl --

 (No, not both of them, just Shanna, but I gotta get 
a picture of the grandbaby in here too!)

--is at JBA. She wanted to go last year but I told her we simply couldn't afford it.

When her dear friend got back last summer, Shanna let me know she REALLY wanted to go next year. My response was that she would have to earn at least half the money, assuming that would put the matter to rest. I was so wrong!! She worked and scrimped and saved and earned the $805 to pay for her half. I was so impressed.

I didn't realize when I made that off hand remark that I was giving her permission to attend, but once she worked her tail off and earned it all, short of something catastrophic, I couldn't very well tell her no.

When we arrived, we got her checked in and found her dorm room and hauled her stuff up five flights of stairs (the elevator line was too long to be endured) and got her unpacked and ate lunch and met her professor and then it was time to say goodbye and actually leave my little girl in this place for multiple weeks. Ouch!

So she's gone, for way too long. She's loving it and learning so much and making new friends and it's all wonderful except that our house is severely lacking in off the cuff kids history, Brian Regan and Tim Hawkins quotes; I'm not hearing nearly enough piano pieces coming from the living room and we all just want to hang out with her but don't get to for now. ...sigh.


  1. Hope the time flies!! It's so hard to be away from littles that you love. It will be that much sweeter and more fun when you're together again!! Meanwhile, party it up!! :)

  2. This is cute. And I am so impressed that she was able to save that up! Amazing!

  3. Kind of reminds me of her mother. The cost is highter and the time is longer; but as much as you hated picking raspberries, it was still pretty amazing

  4. That is so awesome! I bet she is having the time of her life.
    She's so pretty!

  5. I LOVED JBA!!!! I went all three years and have some of the fondest memories of those times. Good for her!!!