Saturday, May 7, 2011

Technical Support?

Okay, this is a techy post.

I'm not great at technology. Simple, no brainer fixes, I'm all over. But if it's anything more than a very user friendly problem, I stumped!

I read blogs from my Blogger dashboard. I understand that there are readers and people who use them, love them, but my dashboard works and I know how to use it.

Now for the problem. Yesterday when I went to my dashboard the "Blogs I'm following" tab was empty and had the following notcice:
  • You are not currently following any blogs. Use the "add" button below to enter blogs you'd like to follow in your Reading List. Learn more
...blink blink blink. I don't know where all of my blogs went. My profile still has a way-too-long list of blogs that I currently follow, but none of them are on my dashboard anymore.

My husband has taught me that before I start asking for computer help, always reboot (which has fixed many a glitch). But I've rebooted, I've poked around on help menues, googled my dilema and I've got nothing.

I know how to re-add the blogs manually, one at a time, but would prefer to find a fab fix that restores the whole she-bang without the time consuming monotony of cutting and pasting every address individually.

Any Techy Goddesses out there with any helpful ideas?


  1. I have no idea.

    I think I just use the blog roll thing.

    I'm not techie at all.

  2. That has happened to me before, but when I came back to my dashboard later, all my blogs were back. So....I didn't really fix it, it just fixed itself. Hope yours does, too!

  3. It does this every once in awhile and it comes back. It usually happens when Google or Blogger is updating their stuff.
    I wouldn't worry about it or mess with it - I would bet the odds it will be back soon :-D

  4. Miss Nelson (I love calling you that!) and Cherie are right. It's back now (but it was gone for two whole days, a lifetime in the bloggy world!)

  5. It's just a technical error. Refresh the page and things should be fine. If not, log out and log back in. It happens to me fairly often.

  6. Here's what I think may have happened: if you don't read the blogs for a week, they disappear or something. That happened to me once during a really busy time with my university classes. I'm not sure if that's the case, but for some reason, I think I remember some kind of notice saying that my blogs would resume after a certain time...not sure this is helpful, but it did happen to me too.

  7. Hello Aunt of mine!!! I lover you!

  8. I'm pretty sure that I am even less techy than you, in the last week I have lost ALL my favorites, on my saved history, I can't even find a place to start a new list, I guess I will just have to keep working on wedding stuff, hope all goes well with yours! Hugs