Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Line of No Return (but at least you can't see them!)

I've crossed the line. It wasn't my fault and my conscience is clear. But the lady said, "It's time and you need to do this."

Yes, I've joined the ranks of the single-vision-lenses-no-longer-cut-it group. They're called transitions because there are no visable lines. Far away at the top fades into tv/computer screen distance in the middle which transitions into reading distance at the bottom. My tummy is a bit woozy and it'll take a day or two, but I didn't have to hold my scriptures at arms length this morning to read them, which is a beautiful thing!

My current favorite picture of the grandbaby!
(She's the third generation to wear this dress. Is that cool, or what?)

1 comment:

  1. Sorry about the vision. I've had those lenses for a couple of years now. I hate that I'm that old.

    Cute little grandbaby. WAY cute that she's a 3 generation to wear it. AWESOME!