Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garages are Beautiful

Garage saleing makes me happy, 'cuz I'm Cheap with a capital C!

I can't see paying $14.95 for jeans to cover my 6-year-old's tiny tush, when I can get the same pair for one buck (slightly worn, but still in great shape). Today, I paid $1 for a fun curtain rod (big old metal bees on each end--perfect for my laundry room), and the adorable sheers with flowers only set me back another two clams. I've been smoothie-less since my blender died two weeks ago, but thanks to the $3 beauty I found this morning, I can again smoothie to my hearts content.

I won't bore you with every item I snagged today, but this has become the way I shop for most of the clothing and housewares needed around here. Each sale I visit becomes it's own little treasure hunt and snagging a great deal on a needed item brings a smile to my face in addition to doing happy-dance-worthy things to my budget.

Do you garage sale? Why or why not?


  1. I am jealous!
    I actually do not garage sale. I really have a hard time seeing the deals through all the...dirt and old stuff. I am kind of a germ freak and even though it is in my head and I know things can be cleaned, etc...I am sensitive to it.
    My oldest daughter has always been a super thrift shopper. She did it all through highschool and still enjoys. She can go into a thrift store and fill her closet for $10 bucks. I totally think it is a skill!

  2. Sigh. Someday my kids will be to the point that I can leave them at home. Then we're hitting the sales together girl!

  3. I'm kind of like Cherie. I seem to only see junk at garage sales, but I am always impressed with the finds of other, and better shoppers. Way to go.

  4. my roommate and I furnished her new house with mostly garage sale stuff. we got dishes, lamps...all sorts of fun stuff.
    now it's kind of sad the season of garage sales is almost over...