Thursday, October 21, 2010

Am I losing the War?

Is anyone else tired of the battle?

You journal, say no to desserts, get better acquainted with vegi's but can't remember what a big mac tastes like, spend relentless hours hitting the pavement and hefting weights, for months (and years). The weight sluggishly drops, quarter pound by measly quarter pound. Eventually, you get there, sixty pounds lighter, weight watcher's goal weight. It feels soooo good! You get rid of all of your "fat" jeans and sweaters. You did it!!

But you only stay at goal for a week -- one pitiful week. Yup, I got one free week at weight watchers and then had to start paying again. I was through with the counting every point, you-bite-it-you-write-it lifestyle. Didn't want to live the rest of my life that way, so although I kept exercising and tried to eat consciously, I stopped the regimented thing and the pounds crept right back on my hips, thirty of 'em over the next year and half (okay, I'm lying, it was really thirty-five, but that crosses that half-of-what-I-lost line and I refuse to go there!)

I now play around with the same ten pounds, it's a yearly cycle, but at the end of the year I'm back where I started. No net gain.

There's no point to this post. I just wanted to whine. I'm currently down 8 pounds from my normal fat place and pretty determined to hold stable through the holidays, but I'm battle weary and almost ready to throw in the towel and simply enjoy the Halloween candy -- almost but not quite.

What's your favorite, easy to implement, weight loss tip? I need motivation.


  1. I hear ya! The last thing I wanted to do after I had Lili was to exercise and now I find myself in the midst of that same battle. UGH! I wish I had motivation for you. Lets just whine together, ok?

  2. I'm not fighting the battle so well myself! I feel for you! Let's just keep fighting! Love you!

  3. My personal trainer friend told me when I was actively trying to drop baby weight that as long as I was exercising consistently, then once a week, I could eat whatever the heck I wanted, for one meal. Drink coke. Eat french fries. Get dessert. Whatever, just once. That way, I would always have that one indulgence to look forward to and it wouldn't feel so ridiculous to be strict about what I eat the rest of the time. It might set my overall progress back a little bit, but dude... if I went through the entire holiday season without eating halloween candy, or pie, or Christmas cookies one time, I'd be setting myself up for a fall off the wagon in the worst kind of way.

  4. Well the only thing I have started back up is exercising. My roommate and I are determined to help each other work out everyday. Hopefully that will give me a little motivation to not eat those treats!

  5. I've been losing consistently for the last four years and one of the biggest things that has helped me is to give up on the concept of dieting altogether. I have made tiny sustainable changes along the way that have made a great deal of difference. Things such as choosing lower calorie items of my normal foods (different granola bars, yogurts, breads, string cheeses, etc...), eating only half a sandwich, finding healthy snacks - carrots and pb, celery and cottage cheese, in season fruits, steamed veggies with garlic and herbs - I love and eating those whenever I am hungry. I never ever said there was something I couldn't have I simply pay more attention to portion size now. If a roommate bakes cookies I take one not three. If I eat cake I take a sliver not a giant piece. If I want to have chocolate chips I eat them but only 10. To really lose and keep it off we have to make changes we can live with permanently and I for one will never stop eating junk food. I just eat less and less often. So I guess my tip is pick one small thing and change it. And then when that is a habit pick one more. Focus more on being healthy (nutrient rich foods, doing consistent exercise for fun) than points in and calories burnt and you'll find that your body will lose anyway. Good luck. :)

  6. I hear you! With my first four kids I didn't have any problem getting the wieght off. It has now almost been a year since Carson was born and I still have those 20 pounds that just won't budge! I think it's a lot harder after 40! Your great exercising example is motivation for me!

  7. OK I debated whether to comment or not because I will be absolutely no help. I gave up the whole diet gig after years of trying. What can I say, I like food, especially around the holidays. I wasn't really that happy being skinny and watching everyone else eat - that is just the truth. I am much more happy carrying around a little weight but enjoying life.
    OK probably shouldn't have commmented but there you have it.

  8. Hey, congrats on reaching your goal weight! And seriously, how amazing that you've stayed within 10 pounds of that and never gained back the last 50!

    I have some essential oils that I add to my water, that boost your metabolism. I'm dropping a pound a week. Maybe that would help you beat those last few...

    Don't give in to the Halloween candy! Stay strong!

  9. Ah, this battle is so hard!! Post baby, I always feel so energized to lose the weight and get all skinny. Then, for some reason (I like to blame nursing) I still eat and eat! I'm right there in the battle with ya, sister! The only diet 'things' that I've ever tried (I'm not a big believer in 'diets') that have worked are things like 'I can have a treat, but only after dinner and sitting down at the table.' (things that will limit my bad snacking, etc) Denying myself things never lasts for long, I have to set guidelines that I can live with. Argh, I'm right there with you. Good luck.