Saturday, September 11, 2010

Whoosh.....Summer's Gone!

It's time to get back into blogging -- I've missed it!

Sooo much to say. Too many things happened over the summer to write them all so here are a few of highlights.

1. Nauvoo. Mom and Dad have finished their mission there and it is once again a 20 hour drive to visit them. The three hour drive to Nauvoo was such a blessing. We spent a lot of time there this summer, playing Quirkle, measuring historic homes (you should see my hubder's sketches!), giggling and being together.
2. Triathlon. I didn't meet my goal of beating last years time, but as I didn't train as hard and I'm a year older, nine seconds added to last year's time is more than respectable. This year's trialthon was sponsored by my Big Bro (thanks, Bro!)
3. Utah trip. We took the kids out of school for a week to go to Utah to my little sister's wedding. It was beautiful and made me happy. We also spent a couple of nights at our favorite place on the planet with Hubder's family. We giggled and ate too much and slept very little. Seeing family is a boon to my soul.

And now, for the low light:
Long story, short (trust me, I could write pages). On the way home from Utah, car troubles stranded us in Laramie, Wyoming for three days. $500 later (towing, hotels and food) we learned that the car was essentially totalled, bought a brand new Toyota Rav4 and drove home. Yeah, we exceeded our vacation budget! As we unloaded the car, Banana-Girl (12) said, "This is the coolest souvenir we've EVER bought!"


  1. What a fun summer! The girls and I drove out to Utah in August. We had a blast visiting for the whole month. My saving grace was my make shift porta potty. I am fortunate I had no car problems.

  2. I wish I could see the souvenir! It was so fun to have get to play with you a little! Sure love you guys!

  3. It was so great to see you guys! Are you having fun with your 6 hours of "free" time a day?

  4. Quite the souvenir! :) I'll bet it's fun to drive, though. Sounds like you had a really fun summer, but I must say I'm glad to have you back in cyberworld. Read any good books lately? I could really use a good read, and a fun discussion at Chevy's. :)

  5. I was kind of wonderful whillwind (sp) while you were here. So much fun, but over way too soon. Glad you (finally) made it home safely. Much love, and I'm missing you all ready.