Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Temple

Hubders and I went to the temple last night. We're lucky enough to live only 20-ish minutes away from one.

I'm at the point where it feels like coming home walking through those doors. I don't go often enough, but I went more last year than I had in a while and I'll up it again this year.

A few of my favorite things about the temple:

The quiet. In a home with multiple children, quiet is a rare luxury that never lasts long during daylight hours. But in the temple, hushed, reverent quiet permeates for the duration of my visit. You can ponder and reflect and be circumspect about where you are and where you're heading without interruption.

The order. I am a cluttered person. I've learned that I can keep an immaculate house (and do when my home is on the market), but cleaning to that level takes over my life and I'm not willing to do that unless I'm in selling mode. I've been working for years to find the happy medium of fairly tidy with enough time for other stuff, but I'm miles away from it. In the temple every thing is white glove clean with nothing out of place. Beauty and order abound everywhere you look.

The fellowship. I never go to the temple without seeing some people that I love, and even the people I don't know seem happy to see me. No one is grumpy or ornery. All of the workers smile and make me feel welcomed. And I never hear a single whine there!

The Spirit. As I ponder and seek and ask in the temple, the joy that comes from above slowly spreads through me seeping into all the crevices and filling me up. I'm always ready to face the world when I walk out the doors and feel happy about my lot in life.

The love. It sounds cliche' but that doesn't make it any less real. In that holy place I feel my Father's love for me and for all his children more abundantly. And both Hubders and I have noticed that we always love each other more after a temple session.

The direction. When I focus on the temple, there is a clarity in my life that it just so helpful! I know what's important and what is not. Little things that tend to sidetrack me are easily dealt with. My husband and children become my all important focus. And as I act on the clarity, I can feel Heavenly Father's approval and know that I can go to Him and he will help me.

All in all going to the temple makes me deep down contented in way that nothing else on earth can.

Now to hang on to that feeling in some measure and replenish all year with frequents visits. That's the goal.


  1. Thank you for sharing. That was beautiful!

  2. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks.
    I'm lucky too, I live 3 minutes from our temple. I feel so guilty if I'm not there every day, we are so blessed.

  3. Ah, you've re-motivated me to go. With sitters here $10-20/hr, it's easy to not go places. When I do go, it's like "Ahhhhhhh......why don't I come more often?"

    Also, I love your comments on my blog. I'd blog just for your comments. :)

  4. I love having something like that to make me happy and refreshed.
    A photography darkroom always has the same effect on me. Quiet, clean, happy.

    I'm happy you're happy!

  5. I can relate. It's hard to get to temple as often as I would like here, but it is certainly worth the effort. Something else I love, I seem to think more clearly as I ponder life and questions when I am in the temple

  6. Thanks sis for helping me understand all the many reasons I love the temple!

  7. Thanks for that wonderful essay! You put what I feel into words, and I realize I need to get there soon! Thanks for the reminder of why I love it!