Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm back?

Wow, it's been a LONG time since I posted. It feels like I don't know how to anymore and I admit to a bit of apprehension about the whole thing. I don't have much to say, but figured I'd better jump in, or I'd never start posting again.

Some random thoughts:

Having your dad, who spent his whole life doing manly things: building, hunting, bee keeping, entreprenuering, raising pigs, fixing stuff etc, knit hats for your whole family makes me happy. And nice ones at that--have you ever seen better pom poms?

My only brother, still one of my hero's, his sweet wife and their youngest, a college freshman soon headed for the mission field, came and spent a few days with us. We laughed and played and caught up. They made us two fabulous dinners. My daughters came to passionately adore their uncle again (it's been a while). And they left a wad of cash to say thanks and pay for me to enter the triathlon again this year. When I talked to my big Bro on the phone, he said that the Lord had been very good to his family this year and that we saved them some money by letting them stay so he wanted to say thanks. How sweet is that? So, I'm DEFINITELY doing the triathlon again and I'll be thinking of my family in Texas as I train and compete.

Unlike Denae, I didn't make any fudge the whole Christmas season (however, my mom made some that I partook liberally of). But yesterday, because I had to take something to the chocolate party my sign language class was having, and because my fudge recipe literally only takes three minutes to prepare (and it's the smooooooothest fudge on the planet), I made fudge. Oh, wow! It's a good thing I didn't make it before now! I'm very determined to eat less and exercise more, so I've been able to limit myself to a few well savored pieces. Had I made it during the holidays, when the only rule I had about eating was that I had to keep one foot on the floor at all times, my five pound holiday gain would have been at least double.
Foolproof Fudge recipe: In the microwave, melt one and a half pkgs of chocolate chips with one can sweetened condensed milk (a minute at a time, stirring in between minutes). Stir in a dash of salt and 1 tsp vanilla. Pour into pan lined with wax paper. Cool, cut and binge!
Heavy sigh of contentment because life is good, my husband is even better and the gospel makes me happy!
And now an arrrrgggh moment! It doesn't matter how many times I try to fix it, the post will not keep a blank line between each of the last three paragraphs. What's up with THAT? (Of course, now that I've made it part of my post, I'm sure the blank lines will be there)


  1. Awww, I loved the post!
    You're doing a triathalong? Wow, my new hero.
    Sounds like you've had some awesome family fun.

  2. I sure love you!! Just thought you should know! Oh, and thanks tons for the Aldi chocolate you sent for Christmas! We all loved that the card was addressed to "3 hot chicks!" It made us happy! I assume your second child (I don't remember his blogging name) wrote it?!?

  3. You so make me happy! I love hearing your thoughts, all of them! I miss you guys so much!! I hope everything is going great!