Monday, August 24, 2009

Triathlon Surprises

I love surprises, and got a big one this weekend. My sis, who lives here, called on Friday morning and we arranged to meet at a park later in the day. As I walked to the park, I could see her there with her kids and then I saw someone else who looked like one of my sisters that lives in Utah (I have five there). I looked again, sure enough, it was her! I ran and threw my arms around her asking what on earth she was doing here. It turns out she read my post on surprises, and decided it would be fun to surprise me by flying to the midwest to watch the triathlon! WOW!

I was dumbfounded! But as I think about it, I shouldn't have been. She's always doing really thoughtful and sweet things for people around her. Buying a plane ticket and arranging to be away from family and church obligations (she's Primary president in her ward), is huge!!! But that's just the way she is. We had sooo much fun together!!

My sis and me at the park!

To top it off, she brought green t-shirts (my favorite color) for everyone so that I could easily find my cheering section! Some of the shirts said, "It's a beautiful thing". I didn't quite understand why and when I asked, she said it's because I say it a lot. I had no idea that I said it, but over the course of the next few days, I noticed every time I said it, and she's right, I say it a lot! She also brought a black frame with "It's a beautiful thing" in vinyl between two pieces of glass. It looks fabulous and I'm trying to decide where to hang it in my house.

My next surprise was that my husband showed up a few hours later. You see, I originally thought the triathlon was not till the 29th, next saturday. Hubders had a three day conference for his work on the 20-22, so when I realized that the triathlon was on the 22nd, I was dissapointed that he wouldn't be able to be there. But it couldn't be helped, so we moved on. [Side note: When I posted that I was a ditz and had discovered that the race was earlier than originally thought, I stressed my sis out! She already had her plane ticket and had to change it!! She says she's gonna hold that ditzy moment over my head for some time!]

When hubders pulled in the driveway, I didn't know if he left the conference early or if the conference had been cut short. Turns out it was neither. Apparently an email was sent out in June changing the conference from a three-day to a two-day conference and I missed the email (I'm his secretary, and still a ditz!). So, according to Hudber, I surprised myself on that one. But, whatever, woot anyway, he was home!

So, not only did my husband get to be there, Sweetie is home for two weeks from college, my sis was there, my three still-at-home kids, and Cutie-Pie, my adorable daughter in-law who is a photographer came too! I can't tell you how great it was to see them as I came and went each time! Quite the cheering section!!! And sooo easy to spot!

Here's my cheering section. A sampling of the best people on the planet!

The wind beneath my wings (more on the tag on his shirt in the next post)

Cutie-Pie, Hubders, and Sweetie

My Girls!


Cutie-pie! Have you ever seen a more adorable daughter-in-law?!


Sweetie!! Home from college (for a minute, anyway!)

Bikey-boy and Cutie-pie!

Hubders and Girlie-whirl!


  1. "We are a happy family!" That's what came to my mind as I read this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. I can feel the love.

  2. How FUN!! I love reading about your family. It always brightens my day. :)

  3. You just make me happy! I am glad you are posting about your adventures. It makes it almost seem like we were there.

  4. So I am at work, checking blogs while I eat lunch (its the only time I take time to do it)... and I am crying. Your post has touched me... and I miss you... and I love you... how blest I am... and I wish I had been there with you and sis!

  5. I love the pictures, almost as good as being there myself, well not really, but it at least gives me a feel of what it was like. It really is "a beautiful thing"

  6. Lisa,
    Every time I read your post my heart is full of Christlike love and peace and joy!!!! You are an AMAZING woman, and I look up to you with so much respect and Honor!!! Thank you for sharing!!
    Much Love