Saturday, April 4, 2009


We went to Springfield, IL to the Lincoln museum over spring break. It was great fun. We went with our neighbors to the north, a family in our subdivision that we have so much fun with. Here are some pics.

The fam hanging out with Lincoln's fam

Chillin' with Lincoln on a park bench (seriously, it was freezing)

Girlie-whirl looking through the Lincoln dollhouse

Our neighbors--very fun(-ny) people

Waiting to go into Ghosts of the Library (a seriously cool show)

An action shot with Hubders--he made it in too
This is actually earlier in the week, before we went to Springfield. We went to St. Raymonds for lunch on Wednesday. A large portion of their congregation are Lebanese families. Since the 1960's they've been doing lunch on wednesdays to raise funds for upkeep of the church. We had grape leaf rolls, kibbi aras, humus with flat bread, and baklava.
Great food and a new experience for the kids.

Notice, they see a camera and everyone has to strike a pose.

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