Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thailand: Monkeys and Snakes!!

Ruggles just sent some pictures from Thailand. It was his P-day and they went to this place with snakes and monkeys. Here's an excerpt from his letter:

"The first thing that we saw was a monkey chained to a tree! We went there as a whole Zone and so we all just stood around watching this little monkey when all of the sudden Elder (name deleted) walked right up to it and let it climb up his back! The monkey started grooming him and climbing all over his body! but there was a Thai man nearby making sure that the monkey didn't get out of there were about 5-6 elders who let this monkey climb all over them...myself included...we nicknamed him Mike Tyson because when he was climbing on Elder (name deleted)the monkey nibbled his ear for short time...the monkey wasn't terribly tame...but it wasn't completely wild either(sorry if that scares you mother)
After that we went and saw the snakes! They had all sorts of poisonous snakes there that they would "box" with . As in they'd provoke the snake to raise it's head to strike and strike at a man...while the man jerks away as fast as possible I know that some of these snakes had been de-venomed but some of them still had venom for sure because I talked to one of the "Boxers" and he said that they have a ready stock of antidote on supply!!! After the show they let us hold the snakes (all of this really wouldn't fly in america but in thailand it's great fun and completely normal! One of the snake guys was missing two and a half fingers too!!!(yikes)
This Snake village was really amazing!"


  1. Awww! He looks like he's having the time of his life! When does he get home, again? Not too long, right?

  2. Ok, he looks just a little too comfortable with that snake! Crazy kid!