Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hubders is a nut!

Sunday evening Girlie-whirl wanted to play hide and seek. The whole family joined in. I'm still, after 24 years, often surprised by Hubders off kilter view of things--even hide and seek!
This is a typical hiding place for him!
And this!

Bikey-boys best hiding place was in the closet. I looked there, but I sure didn't see him! (of course, this picture was taken later--I could have found him if he was hiding like this--I'm quick, you see!)

Banana-girl started thinking like Dad. Hiding more in plain sight--It actually ended up being a good hiding place!

Girlie-whirl wanted to be just like Dad (and big sis!)

Just a simple family moment together--nothing profound or earth shattering, just the best!


  1. I agree, family time is definately the best time! Love you all!!!

  2. I so agree--being a mom is the best! Anyone reading your blog can tell that you love being a mom. Book club was great--especially our bonding over Piggies!! (;