Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sweetie has always been as sweet as she looks! We were so excited when she was born. I wondered if we'd ever have a girl (take a look at her Dads family!) She's had her dad wrapped around her little finger from the very start and he's so happy to be there he can hardly stand it! Sweetie is steadfast and immovable in the gospel and you can see her testimony shining in her eyes. I've never met a person with more integrity than her, and she's compassionate and funny to boot! She was involved in Choir and drama in high school and had the dubious honor to have been cast as two male leads in musicals (Oliver and Jojo in Seussical)! She's currently majoring in music. Hubders and I love to get her frequent phone calls. She's keeps us actively part of her life even though she's hundreds of miles away!

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