Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Newport Ladies Book Club: Olivia -- Book Review

I've just finished reading the first of The Newport Ladies Book Club series: Olivia. I expected the book to be a more than adequate read, one that was well worth the time spent. What I didn't expect was to get caught up in the characters, read it in less than twenty four hours and end up in tears before the book was through.

Olivia is not your run-of-the-mill two dimensional character. Rather she's a believable, three dimensional, character with lovely strengths as well as flaws. I found myself caring deeply about her struggles, and wanted, oh-so-badly, for her to have a happy ending. Part way through the book, I was sure I knew where the book was going. What a lovely surprise when I turned out to be dead wrong.

This book is a classic example of what I look for in a novel: relationships; humor; a nicely paced, moving narrative; and believable dialogue. It left me wanting more. Here's to Daisy in June!!


  1. Havn't heard about this book. Can't wait to find it and get immersed. I can always count on any book you reccommend. You'v never let me down yet. Love you lots.

  2. i admire how much you read!!!!

  3. Hello Happy Mom... Just popping over to let you know you are one of the winners of the jennyandteddy giveaway at Tangled Happy! Please stop over and message me so we can send you your patterns. Thanks so much for participating! :)

    1. Um, did I ever reply to this. I can't remember. I may not have even seen it before now!