Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LOVED my November!

In November, I spent one week in North Carolina with these people that I love and had a blast! (Notice, the grandbaby is in every picture and it just did my heart good to spend some time with her--she's growing up sooo fast!)


I flew home for fourteen  hours, loaded our old piano in the back of our Rav4--yes I did--and drove out to Utah.

I spent five days with these people that I love.
Spent time with them in their classes, went to their concerts, crafted, ate too much, saw them at work. It was all a joy.

Finally, I spent 24 hours in Cache Valley and saw (for a bit) all of these people that I love.
Yup, there are a LOT of people in Utah that I love--and I didn't even get to see them all!
It was way to short, but I had soooo much fun!

Hubders held down the fort for two weeks, being mom and dad while adjusting to his new church calling. He's my hero (and makes my heart go pitter-pat!)


  1. It was SO Great to see you! Sometimes I forget....until I see you, and then I remember how much I miss you!

  2. You should come again! We love you!

  3. It was super short but it was wonderful to see you all the same!! Love you tons!!

  4. It looks like November was AWESOME!
    The baby cheeks are so yummy! I love newborn pictures.
    All of them are so beautiful. Such bright eyes.

  5. Sound like a good month! Happy weekend. :)

  6. Being with family is the BEST!! So glad for all the wonderful memories you got to make!