Saturday, April 2, 2011


Warning. This is a grandma post.

David*, Jess and EMILY came to visit a week and a half ago. (Sooo happy to see David and Jess, but ecstatic to see the grandbaby!) We snapped a few pictures, a portion of which must be shared.

Are they a cute family, or what?

Yup, she's in my arms in this picture. I'm trying to make the mental and physical memory of it keep because it's going to have to last me a while.

Dean has always taught our kids to sing, "with parents kind of weird". No "kind and dear" around our place. David is carrying on the tradition, labeling this picture accordingly when he shared it.

Here's the whole crew. Nothing better!

Uncle Michael

One very contented grandma.

Jess is an adorable mommy! Does my heart good.
Cute Daddy, David. Auntie Abbie!
Aunt Shanna!

Hanging out with Grandpa.

You almost forget until you hold a little one again. The innocence and beauty. The joy at a smile. The tug at your heart-strings with every wide-eyed gaze, each pouty face, each cry and coo. FYI, when the grandbaby is your own, the cool factor increases exponentially.

They're back home now, thankfully, sending us pictures and videos faithfully. We've added a whole passel of new pictures to our screen saver slide show, all Emily, all the time. Love the pictures, but you can't snuggle them...sigh.

One more because I simply cannot get enough of this face!

*It was because of this woman's blog that I started using "code" names here. She changed to correct first names quite some time ago. As code names can be cumbersome and somewhat annoying, and as I can see no reason why not, real first names shall be used on this blog hence forth (but no last names or specific locations).


  1. I love LOVE the pictures! Looks like you had a fantastic time with your great family!

  2. Oh what fun to hang out with the "Kind of weird!" Ha Ha - We say that too so you guys must be so cool!
    That baby is p-r-e-c-i-o-u-s!!!

  3. That family picture is the BEST!!

  4. Such a darling baby! LOVE the hair.

    Ya, being grandma is the best ever. I love to spoil the kiddos.

    Hope you are getting daily photos!

  5. Oh, that is the BEST!!! Being together with family, especially if it includes new babies...oh, my! What darling pictures, what an adorable baby, what a wonderful family!

  6. I have to ask, Do you even KNOW mommy snark? I just noticed that she comments sometimes and am curious. If you don't know her then that super cool that you have blogger "friends that you don't even know!!!

    BTW you have the cutest grandbaby EVER!
    And I LOVE the family pic

  7. Happy Mom is on my list of "haven't met in real life but I bet if we did meet we would be fast friends" friends. Cause she's awesome like that.

    Code names... They ARE cumbersome, aren't they? I like first names. I figure as long as last names and elementary school teachers aren't bantered around with casual indifference, we're all good, yes? (Although... I'm gonna have to make a choice in the future about my last name and my willingness to have it out there. Cause it'll be on the book, see? And I can't not talk about or link to the book on my very own blog. Guess I'll have to take a breath and take a gulp and go ahead and sign the scroll... (name that movie...)

    But on to more important matters. OH MY WORD is your family beautiful or what? Love those pictures (you look awesome) and LOVE that the baby's name is Emily. I have an Emily in my life that I love dearly. It's a perfect name. So glad you shared!

  8. Awwwww, Lisa. What fun! It makes me think that there IS life after having my own children. Grandbabies are certainly something to look forward to. I can't believe how all your kids have grown in the last four years. You have a wonderful family and I continue to admire your parenting skills.

  9. Let me tell you even great-grandmothers love those pictures. Can't wait to see them in real life. Anything I can do to help with wedding preperations. I really would like to do anything I can from this distance.