Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Think Ye Of Christmas: a Book Review

I devour novels. Quick and messy, cannot wait to find out what happens next kind of reading. But some books must be read aloud and savored slowly and shared to be fully appreciated. What Think Ye of Christmas by Ester Rasband with original watercolor paintings by Jana Winters Parkin is such a book.

I should take the time to link to some of the lovely artwork in the book (because they are simply beautiful), but with my current time schedule that's not gonna happen. Instead, here's my experience with the book.

I was lucky enough to win two blog contests offering this book (one of them in multiples!) When I recieved my first copy, not having much time as I slogged through my daily mail on the way to multiple, gotta-get-em-done-today tasks, I opened it and quickly read through the text, taking enough time to spend just a moment on each work of art. My thoughts were along the lines of, "That was very nice," as I hurried back to my to-do list.

The next day, I gathered my children around me and read it to them, taking time to show them the pictures. That experience was on a whole new level over my first perusal. Reading with my children, wanting them to understand in both their hearts and minds what the book was saying, and even, (hope springs eternal!), implement the concept into our holiday season, the book became a beautiful witness of the Saviours birth and even a springboard to a discussion of how our family can remember him better in our Christmas celebration. (What more could you ask for!?)

You can buy the book here, and you won't be sorry. It's a wonderful addition to our Christmas library (btw, does anyone else love, love, love decorating their home with Christmas books? Not only are they beautiful, but decorating with them, puts them around the house where they are more likely to be read and enjoyed all season long. This book is perfect for decorating, because it's small and has that gorgeous angel on the front).

After you get your copy, experience it with someone you love, your spouse, your children, your sister, your visiting teacher, or simply read it aloud to yourself. Your voice will tell you things about the text that your eyes alone will miss. Take the time to enjoy the works of art. You'll be glad you did, and, who knows, it may even lead to a more Christ-centered Christmas celebration in your neck of the woods!


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for this beautiful review and your personal, heartfelt response to the book. I too love to decorate with Christmas books -- and of course this one is on its own little easel!

    By the way, I wanted to let your readers know they get a quantity discount (up to 25% off) if they buy multiple copies and enter the discount code for my blog friends: CHARRETTE.

    Thanks again, so much! I'm really happy these books made you happy and eased some of your holiday wedding stress! (We got married on December 28, so I know all too well what this is like.) :)

  2. Oops! I forgot to give you the link to to my website where those discounts can be found (

  3. On my way to Deseret Book right now!

  4. My whole family loves it, too. Thanks for your great words about my dear friend and her amazing work!