Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motherly duties and Autumn

Do you spend your days in the car? Today I made two trips to the church, one for seminary and one for a youth temple trip, two trips to the middle school, one trip to my dear friend's home, an elegant 81 year old French sister that I visit teach, one trip to the grocery store, two trips to our piano teacher's home, and, as I write this, I'm waiting for a phone call telling me that it's time to make yet one trip more to the church to pick up my son.

I do NOT like spending my days behind the wheel. And so, today I made a conscious decision not to be a victim of the incessant need to spend time in my auto. Fall colors have come to our neck of the woods and I have not yet found time to enjoy them beyond the walk to and from the bus stop with my kindergartener.

The rain was a steady drizzle all day, however, as my car just happens to have a roof, the rain didn't prevent me from basking in the beauties of nature from behind the wheel as I shuttled my kiddles to their various activities. I've seen fourty-four falls in my lifetime. You'd think they'd be boring at this point, but I never cease to be astounded at the intensity of the hues on display just in my little neighborhood.

I grabbed my camera on one of my various trips and after dropping my children off, took some pictures from my car. The pictures are nice, but they do NOT do justice to the beauty that is just outside my window. Have you enjoyed the fall colors yet?

Here's a close up in the rain.

This tree has been stunning for days! Bright greens, intense yellows, neon oranges and deep purply reds all at the same time.

A close up of the multi-colored tree.

One more of the same tree.

I've been enjoying this tree for weeks. Why on earth, would half the tree be a gorgeous maroon and the the other half still green?


  1. Isn't fall great! I'm loving all the colors. Back in Texas, fall was LOUSY! Seriously, the leaves didn't change color. They just fell off the trees.

    But this place is much better