Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten again....sigh

Our family has been getting nervous. You see we hadn't recieved any flight plans for Ruggles' return from his mission in Thailand. We seem to remember Tough-guy's plans coming a month or so before he got home and some good friends had both of their son's travel schedules a couple of months before.

In this weeks email, I asked Ruggles about it. He called the mission office in Thailand and they sent his itinerary. Yes! Finally!!!

We've known for quite some time that his release date is October 2nd. Side note: A good friend who's Catholic recently pointed out to me that the phrase "release date", which we Mormon's commonly use for the date our sons come home from their mission, sounds like he's been in prison! Because Thailand is a 12 hours ahead of us, that gives him a full 36 hours from the time October 2nd starts there until it ends here. Plenty of time, this mother reasoned for him to actually make it home ON the 2nd.

But, alas! Between 20+ hours in the air and over 12 hours of lay-overs, he won't be home until the 3rd of October.

Ten is still a beautiful number, but I was hoping that today would be nine....sigh.


  1. Oh sad that today is still ten, but tomorrow will be nine!! Give him a big hug from all of us. I can't wait to see him and all the rest of you and your crew!! Love you lots!

  2. Only a mother of a missionary really understands your count down woes. We are counting down with you and will rejoice with you when he comes. Happy days!!!