Friday, May 15, 2009


Sweetie is away at college. Far, far away. I miss her like crazy, but she calls almost every day--a beautiful thing for a mom's heart. I confess that I stalk her on facebook occasionally to see what else I can learn about her life. It's always virtuous, lovely, of good report and praisworthy stuff. One of my favorite things about the whole facebook thing is that every time a friend of hers posts a picture with her in it, I can download it. So I have a bunch of pictures of her college experiences all taken and posted by people I don't generally know. Below is a smattering of my favs.


  1. I LOVE that you do that! That is so cute, and something I TOTALLY plan on doing, assuming facebook is still around in 13 years! What a cutie she is!! What is her major?

  2. She's majoring in music education (plans to be a high school choir teacher).