Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scary world = anonymous blog!

I've decided to change my blog so that none of our real names are included. Henceforth in the blogosphere I will be known as Happy Mom, and my spouse will be called Hubders. My three sons (have you ever watched that show?!) will be called, oldest to youngest: Tough-guy, Ruggles, and Bikey-boy. My daughters, again, oldest to youngest: Sweetie, Banana-girl and Girlie-whirl. My honorary daughter I will call Panda Bear.

I have gone back through my postings and changed the names accordingly (if you notice any names I have missed, please let me know). I wish the world was a safer place so that this wasn't necessary, but, alas, dangerous it continues to be for the forseeable future.


  1. you missed one on the hide and seek one where girlie-whirl is hiding you mentioned hubders name

  2. I know what you mean---I loved your last post--I need many a reminder on this!